Speaker Policies

Information for Presenters at AOIA Events


  1. AOIA may offer faculty agreed upon honorarium. AOIA pays honoraria after the event, through the expense reimbursement process.


This section only applies to live presentations made in person at an event.

  1. AOIA will pay approved expenses after the conclusion of the event.
  2. AOIA will send faculty an expense reimbursement form via email. Faculty may submit the completed expense reimbursement form with receipts to AOIA electronically, by fax, or by mail. 
  3. Faculty must submit receipts or similar documentation for all expenses claimed.
  4. AOIA will only reimburse expenses and pay honoraria when all required CME documentation is complete.
  5. Pre-Approved Travel Expenses: AOIA will reimburse faculty for the actual cost of travel between their home and the event location, as noted below.
    • Air Travel: AOIA will reimburse airfare up to $500. Amounts in excess of $500 must be approved by AOIA in advance.
    • Personal Vehicle Mileage: AOIA will reimburse mileage to/from the airport or to/from home at the IRS mileage rate at the time of travel.
    • Parking Charges: AOIA will reimburse for actual airport parking and/or venue parking expense incurred.
    • Taxi/Rideshare: AOIA will reimburse actual necessary taxi or rideshare charges to/from the airport of origin and the event venue.
    • Lodging: For out-of-town faculty, AOIA will cover one (1) night's stay, up to an amount equaling AOIA’s group rate at the host hotel for the event. AOIA will not reimburse for upgrades or any amount above AOIA's group rate. Faculty are responsible for securing their own lodging accommodations.
  6. Meals: AOIA will not reimburse for meal expenses. 

Audio-Visual Equipment

This section only applies to live presentations made in person at an event.

  1. AOIA will provide the following items for your presentation:
    • Laptop (PC), pre-loaded with presentation (if provided in advance)
    • Sound hookup for audio playback from presentation file
    • Wireless Remote/Laser Pointer
    • LCD Projector and Screen
    • Lectern Microphone or Wireless Lavaliere
  2. Faculty must request any additional equipment in advance.

CME Documentation Requirements

This section applies to ALL presenters, regardless of delivery method.

  1. Required Materials
    1. Learning Objectives: Faculty must provide 3-5 learning objectives for the presentation. These statements detail what the participating physicians should have learned or mastered by the end of the presentation. 
    2. Self-Assessment Questions: Faculty must provide 7-10 multiple choice self-assessment questions for the presentation. 
    3. Session Description: Faculty must provide a description of the session, which AOIA may use for marketing or informational purposes. The description should be one or two paragraphs in length.
    4. Biographical Information and CV: Faculty must provide a current CV, as well as a short (one paragraph) bio for introductions. AOIA will use CVs solely for CME documentation.
  2. Presentation Materials
    1. PowerPoint is the preferred file type.
    2. Please include source references on the slides.
  3. AOIA reserves the right to edit learning objectives, self-assessment questions, bios, and descriptions for space or time considerations.